In Dr Seymour's 40 years of experience, He has Eliminated 90% of chronic recurring headaches.

His Treatment

Dr Seymour has proven treatment techniques, providing a long-term solution to most chronic headaches, severe migraines, neck, back, ear, facial and jaw pain. He provides a permanent long-term solution without drugs or surgery.

Migraines are caused by the over stimulation of the fifth cranial nerve, which is the chief sensory nerve to the head and face. When the lower teeth and jaw do not mesh with the upper teeth flawlessly, the nerve is over stimulated producing migraines. The human body attempts to compensate by grinding and clenching the teeth but the result is a constant cycle of irritation to the nerve causing chronic migraines. 

Dr. Seymour treats the symptoms by fixing the cause. By balancing the bite using modern computer technology and precise guidance systems, he locates the triplane comfort position, relieving your symptoms and offering a permanent pain solution. This eliminates all or most of the life-altering symptoms without drugs, surgery, or braces. Throughout his career he has eliminated 90% of his patients' migraines. Dr. Seymour has over 40 years of experience in giving people their lives back. 

“For 14 years my chronic headaches, dizziness, neck, and facial pain dominated my life. I saw many specialists, surgeons, and psychiatrists. They hospitalized me for months at a time for depression and fatigue, and I endured electric shock therapy numerous times. Medical bills of $250,000 forced us into bankruptcy, and I was still in pain. Then I found Dr. Seymour. The cause of the pain was relieved, depression decreased, energy improved, and I got my life back.”
— Jill