Watch real testimonies

“I suffered for over 4 years with daily moderate to
severe headaches and facial pain. The worst part about my headaches was that my whole body suffered. My fingers, arms, back, neck, and shoulders all hurt when my head ached. There were countless days I went to work exhausted physically and emotionally. Socially, my husband’s mantra became ‘Susan won’t be joining us she’s having one of her headaches.’ Dr Seymour gave me my life back.”
— Susan
“I suffered with severe migraine headaches for over 20 years. They started at age 8 after a bicycle accident. For the next 20 years my father took me around the state to several physicians, neurologists, clinics and hospitals with no results. I was put on every drug you can imagine, and could barely function half the time. Then I found Dr. Seymour and got rid of the pain without drugs or surgery. It completely changed all aspects of my life, I’m a better all around human being!”
— Chris
“For 14 years my chronic headaches, dizziness, neck, and facial pain dominated my life. I saw many specialists, surgeons, and psychiatrists. They hospitalized me for months at a time for depression and fatigue, and I endured electric shock therapy numerous times. Medical bills of $250,000 forced us into bankruptcy, and I was still in pain. Then I found Dr. Seymour. The cause of the pain was relieved, depression decreased, energy improved, and I got my life back.”
— Jim
“I suffered for 10 years with daily headaches, excruciating jaw and facial pain, and was told by a neurologist that I had chronic vertigo. Dr. Seymour eliminated my pain and I enjoy a far better quality of life with my family. You can too.”
— Laurie
“I suffered with severe migraines for 25 years. I was taken to many specialists and hospitals, only to end up with stronger medications and still no relief. Then I found Dr. Seymour and he ended the pain without drugs or surgery. It changed my whole life.”
— Chris
“Without hesitation, I will always be thankful to Dr. Seymour and his dedication to this condition. I truly believe that my TMJ treatment changed my life. There was a period of time that I thought my pain was some type of psychological disorder because no one could understand or diagnose my symptoms. Since my treatment, I haven’t experienced any of the head and neck pain, ringing in my ears or the tingling in my extremities that were once part of my daily life.”
— Wendy
“Nobody should have to go through what I went through or what others are going through when there is an answer. I had a Doctor tell me I was totally incapacitated and might as well get used to it. If I hadn’t found Dr. Seymour, he might have been right. TMJ is an honest problem and the cure is not experimental. I’m walking proof that it works.”
— W.C.
“Dr. Seymour changed my entire life. I suffered daily from constant severe Headaches, dizziness, sleep loss, depression, and chronic fatigue that come from being in constant pain. I couldn’t give the love I wanted to give to my husband or children. I called and I am a totally new person. Every aspect of my life has changed for the better. Without drugs or surgery.”
— Marilyn
“Dr. Seymour has the cure and helped save my family many years ago. I was a migraine sufferer and with many children this pain disabled me from being the mother I needed to be to them, and the wife I needed to be to my husband. He is spot on, deals with patients on an individual basis with such care and concern and sets your future in motion by caring for you. His detailed, precise, accurate attention he gives to everyone is unbelievable... Just this year, my oldest daughter who suffered from headaches for the past year and taking many over the counter medications... has seen Dr Seymour and is now headache free as well!
To go through suffering yourself is one thing, but to see your child suffer is completely another... I am so grateful for all Dr Seymour has done!”
— Debbie
“I have had neck and shoulder pain for about 20 years. The past two years it has been SEVERE. The pain was concentrated in the back of my head, down my neck, and across my shoulders. I couldn’t even wear a suit jacket, because the added weight was painful. Driving was extremely difficult. My chiropractor has tried to relieve the pain, but the appointments began to be daily, with very little relief. I would wake up with pain, and as the day progressed, it would worsen. I began to take over-the-counter migraine medications daily and then almost every 2 hours. I then turned to prescription pain meds; hourly. My doctor, at the time, told me that it was all stress. He told me to change careers, take time off, or just quit and stay at home. I would try to make it through every day, however, by 4pm I was taking more meds and going to sleep. My family time was GONE! I would get to work late and leave early.
When I found out about Doc Seymour, we spoke on the phone and it was as if he knew me already; knew just what I was feeling. That evening, I couldn’t wait to talk to my husband. I made an appointment the very next day. At my evaluation appointment, Doc Seymour informed me that he was confident that he could give me relief. That was the day, I left his office in tears.
After my treatment began, I was amazed with the immediate relief. I was still a bit skeptical, but weeks went by with no pain. I sleep through the night and wake up with energy for a full day! My family got me back, I have worked full days and began to smile again. I do still cry, only because I am so relieved!”
— Karen
“Severe neck pain, tireless pain in my right arm, headaches, and dizziness. I was in constant pain so things were difficult at work and at home. I’m a railroad engineer and couldn’t miss work so I simply had to work in pain. I spent several thousand dollars seeking an answer. I saw 3 orthopedic specialists, had 25 chiropractic appointments, and over 30 physical therapy appointments with no relief. Then I went to a neurologist who found the herniated disc on an MRI. He had set up surgery to fuse C-5 and C-6 vertebrae, and I just happened to run into someone who had gone to The Chronic Pain Solution Center. I called and they got me in right away for an exam. I had already gotten to where I couldn’t even raise my arm to brush my hair or my teeth without severe pain. Dr. Seymour talked me out of the neurosurgery saying what have you got to lose by waiting one month and a half. If your not drastically improved by then, by all means have the surgery. Well much to my pleasant surprise I was back to playing on three softball teams, and swimming 500 yds/day within two months. And I never ever had the surgery. I strongly advise that BEFORE YOU HAVE ANY NECK SURGERY AT LEAST BE SCREENED AT with Doctor Seymour. He has saved many patients from undergoing neck, back, and shoulder surgery.”
— Fred