Research Survey For Headaches And Chronic Pain

Please fill out this simple survey to determine if you or any of your family members have ever been examined for the cause of this epidemic of chronic recurring pain.  

Our goal is to collect information that will help prevent this epidemic of pain from ruining billions of lives in future generations.  

Place a check by the type of doctor that did what is described in the question. 

Did any of these doctors mention that the trigeminal nerve system (TNS) is the chief sensory and motor nerve of the head and face and is known to be the nerve involved in migraines, tension and all types of headaches? * *
Did any of these doctors tell you that the TNS, or migraine generator, supplies every structure in the mouth: teeth, bones, tongue, jaw joints and the powerful chewing and clenching muscles?
Did any measure the maximum opening of your mouth with a millimeter ruler?
Did any place a stethoscope on your jaw joint (TMJ) and listened for a clicking, popping or grating sounds as you repeatedly opened and closed your mouth?
Did any doctor explain that the click in your jaw joint (TMJ) most often means that the protective disc of cartilage in your TMJoint is dislocated allowing the two bones to grind against a branch of the TNS in that joint?
Did any doctor explain that dislocated TMJoints, crooked, broken down or missing teeth can force you to develop a forward or lateral head posture (curved spine) causing a weight shift at the top of the skeleton that will force every weight bearing joints down the body to function outside of it’s ideal alignment causing headaches, neck, shoulder, back and hip and knee pain, leading to future surgeries?
Did any doctor point out that you have worn your pointed cuspids and front teeth flat, or your back molars indicating severe grinding during sleep that can generate a recurring pain cycle for years? 

Did any doctors have you clench your teeth while they applied pressure to the large clenching muscle in the temple area of your head where most migraine and morning headaches are located to check for pain due to muscle spasms?
Did any refer you to a dentist who has specialized equipment and training to treat your chronic pain by eliminating irritations to the TNS and your dislocated TMJoints?
Did any apply pressure to your TMJ (jaw joint) through the opening of your ear canal or with firm pressure from the side of your TMJoint while you opened and closed your mouth to check for pain, swelling, and tenderness?
If you have missing or broken down teeth has any doctor told you that your teeth are not providing the necessary height to prevent excessive stress on your dislocated or arthritic TMJoints and TNS?
If you have ear pain or hearing loss did any doctors explain that your dislocated TMJoints are swollen 2mm from the ear affecting your hearing?
Does your major medical insurance cover treatment of migraines by a dentist using orthotic therapy to treat dislocated TMJoints and assaults on the TNS in your state or country?
Has lack of coverage influenced your decision about going forward with treatment?
Has any dentist ever tested your bite on a bite computer to measure the traumatic forces acting on specific teeth, or the lack of support caused by missing or broken down teeth?
Yes No
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Thank you for taking this survey. We believe the data gathered will prove that the primary cause of chronic pain, migraines and headaches is ignored by healthcare professionals and insurance agencies worldwide.  

Our goal is to force insurance companies, state and federal governments, and the medical and dental communities to acknowledge this injustice and change their practices.  There is strength in numbers, and we know millions—if not billions—of women, men, and children suffer unnecessarily. If enough patients raise their voices in protest and make themselves heard, lawmakers, insurance companies and medical and dental institutions will have no choice but to stop the pain for profit cycle.  

You can help by:  

1)    Sharing this survey link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog and other social media sites.  

2)    Encouraging your friends, family members, and co-workers to take the survey.

3)   Arming yourself with information. Google trigeminal nerve, migraines or headaches and prove its connection to migraines and chronic pain for yourself. Read Stop the Headache to learn more about pain relief without drugs or surgery.  

4) Sharing Dr. Seymour’s book, Stop the Headache, with everyone you know.