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Here at the Chronic Pain Solution Center our treatment is a permanent solution to 90% of chronic headaches and migraines without use of drugs or surgery.  For 32 years, I have treated patients in severe pain and witnessed them leave pain free. (Click here to see Patient Video Testimonials)  We use new treatment techniques, providing a  long-term  solution to most chronic headaches, severe migraines, neck, back, ear, facial, and jaw pain. We don't mask the pain and cover up the cause with drugs. This treatment is not a band-aid solution that results in patients returning for years on end. It is a permanent long-term solution.     

       Sadly in the world of medicine and dentistry today, patients are rarely examined for over stimulation of the the fifth cranial nerve, the chief sensory nerve of the head and face.  Medical specialists do not open patients’ mouths to look for the telltale signs of over stimulation because they are not familiar with the causes of T.M.J.  The dental profession is able to recognize the signs, but if they don't specialize in treating problem, they fail to ask if patients have recurring headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain ear pain, vertigo, etc... (See Symptoms page).  Meanwhile, patients fall into the abyss of millions of people who suffer from constant recurrent pain for 20, 30 years, and even the rest of their lives, and neither profession assumes responsibility for diagnosing it.  This lack of treatment must come to an end.  

Headaches occur because of over stimulation of the fifth cranial nerve, the trigeminal, when the lower teeth and jaw do not mesh with the upper teeth perfectly.  The mind then attempts to make the teeth mesh by grinding and clenching, and this reaction triggers the pain cycle of constant irritation of the fifth cranial nerve. We have been successfully eliminating headaches and many other symptoms without drugs or surgery for over 32 years at the Chronic Pain Solution Center.  Please read on to learn more about what we do and watch the patient videos.  You will see yourself in many of their stories. 


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